Table lampshades come in all colors, sizes and shapes. The lamp shades shown above are meant primarily to be used on table lamps, of all sizes, styles and shapes. From traditional large stiffel end table lamps, smaller desk lamps, buffet lamps, bed side lamps and even very contemporary or retro lamps you’ll be able to find a great lamp shade at And much easier then you would ever of thought.
The Fitter (spider) on all shades except the drums is 1/2 to 3/4 below the top of the shade. They are all meant to rest upon a harp which is what the vast majority of lamps have for the shade to set upon. You then screw a finial onto the top of the harp right above the lampshade. *This does not apply to items 850 and 860.

These shades can also rest upon a rod or a white globe if your lamp is made that way. If your lamp does not have a harp or rod for the shade to rest upon, check out our uno adapter (accessories) which allows you to easily put a harp on your lamp without rewiring.

When trying to decide what size of shade is best for your lamp here are a few tips. First and foremost, normally you want the shade to come down before the socket. Vertical height of shades is about 1″ to 3″ shorter than the slant height (depending on the size and angle of the shade)You can measure your harp as a guide to height as well.

Remember end table lampshades tend to be a bit larger. Bedside shades are somewhat smaller and buffet lampshades even smaller.

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Showing 1–16 of 35 results